Brasserie & Hotel Oostereiland

Lovely food and a stunning view

Great food with a beautiful view over the water. The hospitality industry built on the old prison island summarizes that well. In 2011, the Oostereiland (East Island) and the former prison received a new purpose. Apartments were built and a museum, a cinema, a hotel and a restaurant were also opened. The old prison island has, among other things, been given a cultural destination and is therefore a wonderful addition to the tourist offer of the historic city of Hoorn. The old characteristics of the prison are still clearly visible and that makes the Oostereiland a special place to visit. The brasserie attracts many visitors to the Museum of the Twentieth Century and Cinema Oostereiland, but other passers-by are also very welcome. In good weather, the large terrace in the attractive courtyard is also open.

Schuijteskade 5

1621 DE Hoorn

Telephone number: +31 229 820 246

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