De Kade

The former restaurant 'de Korenmarkt'

Restaurant de Kade is located on the Binnenhaven port and is known for its authentic harbour-styled kitchen, with contemporary culinary accents. From the restaurant and on the terrace you can see the ships entering and you can enjoy all the activity in the harbour in peace. De Kade mainly serves locally produced food. The bread comes from the Hoorn Otten bakery, salmon from the famous Smoking house in Enkhuizen, wines from J. Bart from the Beemster and ice cream from the regional "Ice Queens". You can also find organic Pomodoro tomatoes from Wognum, farm-fresh free-range eggs from Bobeldijk and characteristic cheeses from Beemster at De Kade. The menu is as colourful as the port history and you are welcome for a drink, lunch or dinner.

Korenmarkt 1

1621 BG Hoorn

Telephone number: +(0)229-279826

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