Hendrickje Stoffels

Not only quality on the table, but also in ambiance

The restaurant Hendrickje Stoffels is named after one of the women of painter Rembrandt van Rijn and is located at the Binnenhaven port of Hoorn. Chef Marko Pol is obsessed with food and even "dreams" culinary, as he says himself. On the menu are dishes from French, Mediterranean and Eastern cuisine.

Marko Pol runs the restaurant together with his partner and hostess Bianca Mens, who is also a wine expert. Together they try to bring together taste and atmosphere. Not only quality on the table, but also in ambiance, that's what Hendrickje Stoffels stands for. Enjoy the view of the Hoofdtoren and the sea lock, but also look the other way. Because the restaurant has a partly open kitchen and it is nice to see the chefs working on your dish.

Oude Doelenkade 3

1621 BH Hoorn

Phone number: 0229 210 417

Email: info@hendrickje-stoffels.nl

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