Watertaxi Hoorn

Explore the city from the water

Those who want to know more about Hoorn would definitely want to book a cruise with Watertaxi Hoorn. It is a wonderful and pleasant way to get to know the city better and to experience the rich history. Water taxi Hoorn offers simple crossings, but also complete cruises for a family outing, bachelor party or other occasion.

All tours can be booked with catering and of course the tour is carried out by an experienced skipper and guide. Enjoy the stories about the beautiful city and watch your eyes. Would you prefer to sail yourself? That is also possible. Water taxi Hoorn rents out a whisper boat for those who prefer to skipper themselves.



For a cruise through Hoorn: info@outdoorhoorn.nl | Tel: 0229 - 757080
Taxi ride or whisper boat: info@watertaxihoorn.nl | Tel: 06 - 46374059
If you want to make a cruise within now and 5 days, you can directly contact number 06 - 46374059.