Westfries Museum

Museum of the golden age

Step through the gates of the 17th-century national monument and you will immediately enter the Golden Age. The Westfries Museum shows the richness of the Golden Age in more than 25 furnished rooms with painting, porcelain, glass and silverware. The Westfries Museum is located in the old Statencollege, a stately building on the cozy square: Roode Steen in Hoorn. The monumental housing gives the museum a special character. The total collection of the Westfries Museum comprises 30,000 objects. Together they tell the story of the most dynamic period in Dutch history and its significance for the region West Friesland. The emphasis is on the period between 1500 and 1800. The start, flowering and aftermath of The Golden Age. A route has been plotted through the museum that takes you through 25 rooms and spaces. Each room has its own character and highlights its own subject from history.

Halve Maen
A special part of the museum can be found in the Grass haven, next to the Oostereiland. There you can find the replica of the famous VOC ship Halve Maen, which is definitely worth a visit.